Adams: A Short Story

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Adams. I can't believe that girl can't see him. He was right in front of us! She thought I was crazy. No! I am not crazy. This hitchhiker is out there and I need to know why. (almost a minute later) Faint Voice: Hal-llooo, Ha-looo Adams. I don't want to kill him. I need answers! (parks car in front of the hitchhiker) “Hey! What are you doing! Why are you here?” Hitchhiker: (sound: laughs) “Silly boy. Silly, silly, boy. You should've listened to your momma.” Adams: “What? Answer my question, Why are you here?!” Hitchhiker: “Me? (sound: dark demonic voice) I'm death greater than anything you know. I figment of one's insanity” Adams: “Wh-Why are you doing this? Stop! I didn’t hit you on the Brooklyn Bridge! I need answers now! I feel like i'm
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