Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani Research Paper

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Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani was seventeen when she fell in love with a doctor who soon after, left for America for his residency. The man turned out to be a man of the Yoruba tribe, a tribe the Igbo people saw as wicked. The disrespect towards the Yoruba goes back to the Nigerian Civil War times, where once the war was over, the finance minister, a Yoruba, gave each Igbo only 20 Euros. An amount that was not even comparable to how much was in their accounts. Later, Nwaubani applied to the University of Ibadan, which was in Torba territory. Her father continued to insist that the Yoruba were wicked. It turned out her father was right. The University of Ibadan was the headquarters of impromptu civil unrest. Nwaubani now looks back on her experience…show more content…
In particular, Igbo people work in terracotta and bronze casting. The use of bronze in sculptures can be dated back to 19th century A.D. from sculptures found in at Igbo-Ukwu, an ancient site that is in the modern home of the Igbo people. Like bronze, many art mediums have come from ancient art practices, which have not evolved that much in the many years since (Boahen). Music, another form of art, has been kept close to its origins. Even though many instruments can be made in factories, by mass production nowadays, the Igbos still have many different kinds of handmade instrument. These many instruments including the ugene which is a whistle made of baked clay, that’s round, and about the size of a baseball, and the ubaw-akwala, a kind of guitar, it has a triangular core that is made from wood that is sewn together (“Igbo”). In an Igbo village today, entertainment can be tied back to old traditions that includes storytelling, rituals, dancing, and music making. At the same time, more modern entertainment includes watching TV and going to the movies (“Igbo”). These changes occur due to the increase of industrialization that is reaching these rural Igbo villages, introducing new cultures into an old…show more content…
The topic of Igbo culture was chosen due to the complicated relationships Okonkwo has between his three wives, the way Okonkwo raises his children, and the description regarding the development of his community over the years. Like stated above, the wives help the other wives around the house and in the farm. This is displayed in the book when a description of the farm is being told, “The women weeded the farm three times at a definite period in the life of the yams” (Achebe 33). This is an action one woman could not do on her own. This topic was also chosen due to the immense detail that is put into describing when the white men came into the villages. The invasion of them goes along the similar lines of the British influence on the Igbo culture, changing many things in the traditional culture to the white man's ways. In Igboland, culture is an important part of life that affects everything from art to family, which is distinctly portrayed in Things Fall
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