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Every human being, every animal, every plant has had to adapt in their life in order to survive. Adaptation relates to everything, there is no life without adapting. The word adaptation means modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the conditions of its environment: a heritable physical or behavioral trait that serves a specific function. One way that someone might show adaptation in their life is when someone is born into a religious family. They adapt to going to religious celebrations and don’t think anything of it after they have been doing it through their childhood. They have adapted to that certain schedule. There are also different ways adaptation can be shown. Adaptation is important…show more content…
[...] We ordered some print fabric by mail and sewed curtains by hand to hang at our new windows and to cover our windows and our shelves.” This quote informs that after the Japanese Americans were relocated they had to do everything for themselves. They had to sew curtains just to have some privacy. They had a “stall” to live in. The Japanese Americans needed to adapt to making and doing everything on their own. They adapted to knowing a certain schedule. “The laundry tubs were always in constant use of other families. The hot water was often gone by 9:00a.m., and all the mothers got up between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning to do their wash, all of which, including sheets, had to be done entirely by hand. We found it difficult to get the laundry by 9:00a.m., and by then every tub was taken and their long lines of people with bags of dirty laundry waiting behind each one. Then we would leave my mother to hold the tub while my sister and I rushed to the washroom where there was a better supply and carried back bucketfuls of hot water as everyone else learned to do.” The quote informs that the mothers adapted to waking up early in the morning to hand-wash their family’s laundry. Everyone that was doing laundry adapted to running to the washroom to grab warm water for their laundry. They also adjusted to knowing what time to do and not to do their laundry. If they didn’t adapt to doing these activities they would have been unhealthy because they wouldn’t have

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