Adaptation Of Smartphone Application Into Restaurant Business

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Research Proposal on Adaptation of Smartphone Application into Restaurant Business in Edinburgh By [Name of Student] [Student Number] To [Name of Supervisor] Under [Course Name] [Course Number] For completion of [Name of Degree] At [Name of Department] [Name of Institution] TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 4 Background of the Study 4 Problem Statement 5 Research Questions 6 Methods and Procedures 6 Limitations 6 References 7 Abstract This research discussed the adaptation of Smartphone application into restaurant business in Edinburgh. This research is undertaken to study the adaptation of Smartphone application into restaurant business in Edinburgh. Problems addressed in this research are role of Smartphone app for restaurant…show more content…
Mobile applications category that showed the fastest growth was social networking. There are great apps for all types of mobile devices to keep the attention of customers, entertain them, and assist them. With the mobile applications market growing much too quickly, mobile advertising is taking advantage of this, since the mobile advertising are very well received and needed by consumers to stay connected to their favourite brands. The restaurants are one of those professional fields that have taken advantage of advances in technology and new trends to be at the forefront of social media. In fact, according to results of a survey conducted by Carayannis (2011), besides the retail sector, restaurants are among the most active in this type of media. The growth of the internet and the high activity of its users, the network has become the main battlefield of this business. According to a study by Carayannis (2013), in 2012 over 1.3 million online restaurant reservations were made, generating a turnover of more than 24 million Euros to the catering sector. Background of the Study Carayannis (2011) stated that the use of mobile and especially mobile Internet explosion is changing the activities we do or wish to do through this device. In relation to its innovations and technological advances, the restaurants are among the businesses where customers are willing to pay with their mobile phones. The desire to
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