Adaptation-Personal Narrative

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to leave friends you've known since almost birth? Or what it is like to be placed into a completely unknown area? Well to me it's like an adaptation in animals, how they must change just to fit their environment. This ¨adaptation¨ happened to me at the age of 14 in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. It was just like any other day school, friends, etc. Except one thing, I was moving. Now for most kids my age, normally it is not a good thing when your whole family is sitting in your living room looking at you with an optimistic face. Just my luck it wasn't, as my mom told me to sit down in the chair next to her. At first I thought I was in trouble, maybe I didn't get a good grade, or maybe I said something…show more content…
On the road my mind was racing about all of the possibilities. I had no idea what to expect during this move. But soon I enrolled to Landrum Middle School, and was finally hit with the reality that there was no going back. On the first day of school I started to notice that things were very different than what I was used to. For instance, this school was tiny, my old school was at least 3 times this size, and everyone knew each other but me. Secondly, the atmosphere was different, the whole school was a lot more country than the city life I was used to. Thirdly there was nothing to do in the tiny town of Landrum. In Atlanta there was always something going on. Finally, I had no friends, I mean i'm a very nice and outgoing person, but this school was not accepting of my differences at all. All in all this move has changed my life dramatically. Still to this day I can't tell if it changed it in a negative or positive way. What I mean is that when I moved my social life dropped drastically, so in a way it's a positive that I can pay more attention in school, but a negative in my social life. Also my soccer skills increased immensely moving to South Carolina. I started playing year round. During the Fall I play with a prestigious travel soccer team, and in the spring I play for Landrum High School's soccer team. But in the end of all this I can see the positive even though I truly miss
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