Adaptations Are Much More Than A Mere Visual Illustration

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Contrary to the general public’s belief, adaptations are much more than a mere visual illustration of a novel. When adapting a literary work, the screenwriter’s integrity towards the author is highly crucial to prevent a disagreement, which could lead to a copyright infringement. This will also ensure the audience’s approval because the screenplay’s plot is less likely to deviate from the author 's fundamental storyline in the original work. Furthermore, adapting a literary work into a screenplay consist of a very rigorous filtering process that is often challenging for the screenwriter. The screenwriter often faces dilemmas in which the decisions to omit or heighten certain aspects could either ensure the movie’s success or its failure.…show more content…
At the beginning of the movie, although it is clear that Gordie is far more reliable than his friends, it is made apparent that he has quite a significant amount of personal growth to acquire. In the start of the movie, Gordie Lachance is a timid twelve-year-old aspiring writer struggling with psychological abuse from his father, low self-esteem and emotional abuse by Ace the town bully. Furthermore, due to the recent tragic death of his elder brother, Gordie is unable to mourn this loss and overcome his personal regrets, such as his lack of desire to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Thus, he remains pessimistic about his aspirations, and substantially allows his own dreams of becoming a writer to fester. However, the trials that he faces throughout the journey, after taking the decision to ignore his father’s authority, allows him to overcome the harsh pessimistic views that he has of himself. Towards the end of the movie, there is a noticeable growth that can be seen in Gordie’s personality. Gordie finally realizes that solely he can control his own destiny and as he begins to process his newly gained optimism, he is able to gain courage and maturity, which conveys a clear sense of progress in the protagonist’s personal journey. Thus, allowing him to stand up to Ace and his gang, disregard his oppressive father’s judgments, encourage his friends to make better life decisions, which consequently
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