Adapting A Holistic Care Package For A Patient Requires Children

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Complexities in Children 's and Young Peoples Nursing
Formulating a holistic care package for a patient requires children 's nurses to make clinical decisions by identifying needs, prioritising, planning and delivering care. Nurses are expected to use current and relevant evidence in their judgement and decisions to ensure the best practise is implemented (Thompson, C. et al. 2004). Nurses within the healthcare team must integrate scientific knowledge, patient and family perspectives, available resources and sufficient experiential knowledge to ensure that their decisions will also be accurate and safe (Gillespie, M. & Patterson, B. 2009).
Within this assignment a scenario has been chosen to discuss the elements of clinical decision making made by nurses. To justify the decisions which have been made, a critical appraisal of the available information will be utilized. The scenario focuses upon Joe (See Appendix), an infant who was born prematurely at twenty-eight weeks gestation and is diagnosed with short gut syndrome and is close to being discharged. There many needs within the scenario which have been identified, such as medication training for parents, Joe 's physiological development, travel issues but this assignment will concentrate on managing an ileostomy, discharging Joe on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) and social support for the home environment. The aim of the nurses clinical decisions will be to prevent infection, skin breakdown and re-admission, therefore

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