Adapting For Graduate School & Your Emotional Intelligence Journal

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Adapting to Graduate School & Your Emotional Intelligence Journal 1 In the article from it discusses the differences between being an undergraduate student and graduate student. It starts from saying that you are older, you have the ability to be autonomous and have less structure, the lifestyles are different, and that in graduate school you poses more of an ability to be structured and organized as you have more experience. If there is one thing that I have determined just from the first few weeks of having courses and being an MSW graduate student it is that graduate school is totally different from undergraduate school, that’s for sure! One of the major adaptations that I saw in the website was the idea of having…show more content…
I am used to having the syllabus and starting with the planning in advance. I also don’t think that it helps that I just moved the weekend before class’s started and I have not fully unpacked, so my house is a complete mess. One way that I plan to reconcile this “mess”, so to speak is by taking the holiday time off to organize and get my mind set on the fact that this is graduate school, and that this is real! This is happening weather I want it to or not. Once I get my mind on that set of tracks, I believe that it will be easier for me to focus my attention on ways that I am able to complete assignments before the last minute that they are due. I also think that demonstrating some self-awareness is going to be a key factor in gaining the ability to focus my attention to school and try to balance school, home life, work and field placement at the same time and not burn out. In the article about emotional intelligence, one key concept that struck me is the idea of being aware of you. In saying this, I mean the idea that you are able to know what you are feeling, what you are thinking and know when you should or should not provide self-care. I think that another key factor from this article was when the author talked about relationship and time management. In graduate school, you are expected to make those initial connections, whether that be with your faculty, advisors, cohort peers or persons in your field placement. This is one thing
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