Adaptive Capacity Of Coastal Cities

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Second Draft Proposal
Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Cities in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:
The Role of Government Policy (NOAA)

The role of government and its response to during Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 remains a controversial affair to this day. From a policy perspective the United States government, federal, state, and local levels could have been better prepared as described in this proposal. The debate on how well emergency management personnel was put into the national spotlight during Super Storm Sandy. News headlines spoke of not only unpreparedness from logistics standpoint but also a failure to establish a foundation for policy to deal with climate change and rare weather events. A
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Literature Review:
The question of whether or not climate change is taken seriously by powerful government officials is at the root of the problem. Poor funding for infrastructure mitigation techniques can bottleneck preparation efforts. The combination of growing populations and increased development in coastal cities has increased the vulnerability and potential for loss of life and property (Urbina, E., & Wolshon, B. 2003). Environmental experts project sea levels to increase by more than 2.5 feet over the next four decades (Coastal Care 2014) and if not properly managed right now, this could put around 800,000 people’s homes underwater in the event of another super storm. In a U.S. Commerce Department report (Commerce 2013) it projected a staggering 72 billion USD in combined damages for New York and New Jersey during the storm.
The U.S. Commerce Department promotes effective management and monitoring of the nation’s resources and capital to support both environmental and economic health. Through advanced weather monitoring, forecasts and resource preservation, the department safeguards not only public safety and security but also the nation 's oceans, coasts and marine life while boosting economic development. Another necessary operation managed by the Commerce Department includes the constitutionally ordered decennial census, which
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