Adaptive Leadership : Adaptive Effective Leadership

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Paper 1: Adaptive Leadership 1. Describe what adaptive leadership is. Adaptive leadership is a kind of leadership which motivates a person or an organization to tackles the difficult situation. Change is considered to be the only constant thing in life. But change also comes with unwanted and unseen situation which compels the people to resist. Adaptive leadership is all about encouraging and inspiring an individual or an organization for its survival in the challenging situation of the future. It is about changing the belief and value system of a person in order to achieve something better. Adaptive leadership can be compared as the evolution of the species where DNA essential for evolution is preserved and the rest is discarded away. Same goes with adaptive leadership who has to identify the necessary skills and regulates the one which are no longer useful. It has to be kept in mind that for any successful change, past knowledge and experience is very important. Even in any species adaption, almost entire percentage of the DNA remains the same. Adaptive leadership is about making the people engage in realizing the difference between what is required from the past and what needs to be evolve. He or she should always encourage people to go for new and innovative things as change is the result of various out of box thinking and experiments. Respecting diverse views or in other words, giving importance to every angle for a particular situation is an important attribute
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