Adaptive Leadership

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Adaptive Leadership Victor Kiam of Remington Electric shavers is identified as an adaptive leader. Adaptive Leadership in an organization is a practical leadership framework that helps organizations and the management to adapt and succeed in environments that are challenging. It is the gradual and meaningful process through which an individual and the collective organization body adapt to the changes and the challenges. It helps in the diagnosis of the essential and the disposable and hence bringing about practical challenge to the status quo (Cambridge Leadership Association, 2011). Due to the gradual and its collective nature, there is a relationship that is formed between the leaders who are guiding towards the change and facing challenges and the followers. These are roles in relationship to each other. The leaders will have visions and it is the followers who will align their services and activities with the founder's visions to make it a reality. The concept of followership is essential in the fulfilling the leadership aims and good leaders will strive to ensure they impart into the followers the essential skills and prerequisites for new knowledge, generation of enthusiasm and the ability to solve complex problems in a follower within the organization. This is the basis for true leadership and fruitful followership and the leaders must become better in following in order to have a well balanced organization (Dr. Marc Frankel, 2011). The adaptive leadership is
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