Adaptive Leadership Style Analysis

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Running head: Adaptive Leadership 1
Adaptive Leadership 2
Michelle Kinyngu
GM502-01 Leadership Theories and Practice I
Dr. Wolf

Leadership is difficult in situations of sudden changes and instability. According to Northouse(2009) leaders are born and not made. In other words, they have natural capacities to lead others. Besides, the pioneer of Adaptive leadership theory, Dr. Ronald Heifetz, recommend adaptive leadership style as the appropriate ?practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive. Successful adaptive changes build on the past rather than discard it and organization adaption occurs through experimentation.?? (Heifetz, 2009 p. 14-17). Northouse?s leadership framework
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Later, administration was aware of this and she took an adaptive approach to tackle the issue. She simply created not only a space for my ideas to be shared but took extra step to ask me further questions, reviews and subsequently incorporated my ideas in the decision-making process. The administration valued my decision and integrated staff feedback. However, adaptive leadership is not limited only to top leaders. I have practiced this leadership style when I was given a supervisor project for the end of the year activities. My third grade team members on my side, I believed I did not know all so I asked for their insight because they each had their wealth of opinions and diverse perspective. As a new leader, I was flexible and honest with my team when the project was not making progress. I did not want to do the traditional ideas, so my team came up with a Nature Walk Day with food, games and prizes. We had to change are overall approach to use creative…show more content…
To help my followers change their behavior, I need to identify the adaptive problem, and then keep regulate distress to encourage an holding environment. Focus on issues and distribute work to team members at rate they can handle. Most important is decentralization of decision making which will facilitate speedy co-ordination and action. Conflict management to have solutions to challenges will be addressed in context of shared leadership. I must recognize that as the leader in authority, I do not have all the answers. So, I will encourage followers to respond to change effectively so that they can be productive and not lose their common goals (Northouse,2015). Furthermore, I will employ the relevant processes, preserve the organizational elements necessary for survival and build tools for the adaptive capacity of our organization. Similarly, it is imperative to create safe space and remove all the elements that are not beneficial for survival. Above all, to change the rules of the game, I will reshape and redefine the work my followers do by cultivating skills for facing adaptive
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