Adaptive Leadership Summary

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Part 3 of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership begins with making interpretations. The book calls for a change in making interpretation and table 8.1 shows the making the interpretation mind-shift from technical to adaptive. Problems for organizations often are defaulted to technical solutions. In order to prevent the group from the default interpretation, there is great importance in finding out what the default interpretation and name the default interpretation. Additionally, table 8.1 calls from a shift interpretation from benign to conflictual. If there is any conflicting problem that arises, the author is calling for the group to identify and negotiate which elements of the conflict can be loss and which part needs to be…show more content…
My employer is very top heavy in management and if you even look wrong management may suggest that you be written up or even fired. For the most part, I interact with middle management and I do have some influences; however, I am not sure I would want to use that influence on a system that is content with the status quo. Moreover, part 3 explains orchestrating conflict and the idea of this makes me uncomfortable. However, as I read the 7 steps in orchestrating conflict, The steps reminded me of grief counseling groups in which you have to prepare, have ground rules, have everyone in the group to share, orchestrate the conflict (naming what makes the person uncomfortable with grief), encourage accepting and managing grief(losses), generate and commit to the experiment (of unfolding issues of grief), and institute peer leadership consulting (having group members to share similar experiences). Finally, part 3 concludes with building and adaptive culture. One of the first steps is normalizing the elephant in the room by naming. The example that the author uses regarding a meeting with management and how the team was able to name the elephant, however when the CEO comes in the room everyone is quiet. I have witnessed this on several occasions of my place of
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