Adavantages & Disadvantages for Small States

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Small states means Better Administration – Better Government – Participation of common man in the administration
Creation of small state is one of the answers to Reduce corruption or At least corruption amount.
Know – Why we should support the creation of small states?

Reality Views by sm -
In India, when congress declared that a new state Telangana will be created from AP.
Everyone in India started to discuss about the creation of small state, is creation of small state is good for India ? or is creation of small state is bad for India?
Many Indians opposed this creation of small states in India by giving many reasons.
Following are the few reasons why people oppose the creation of small states.
• Creation of small state will divide
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For small states love for India will grow.
And also small state will be created from the big state so there will be 2 states or more states which will speak same language. In this way we will solve the problem of language also.
On the contrary in the future when states will become rich, there is a possibility and chance that these big states will make there police force very strong and will demand the independence from India.
When we divided India on basis of language we made mistake, and today you may not agree with me, but when States will make progress and will make money and other states will not make money, these money making states will demand the independence and because of finance and big nature of state, they will do this very easily by purchasing arms from china.
So remember big states will divide the India in future not the small states. A small state is the only one solution which can keep us integrated as India.
As India is divided on the basis of language, In one state all same language speaking population is staying which encourages more love for state than India the hatred is rising as few states are making progress and others come to this state, this gives rise to hatred. This is not gift of small state. And we do not see language problem in small states, if media will stop giving importance to this problem automatically this language problem will go to
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