Adbit Analysis Paper

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There was an Adbit domain change from to on January 19th. The transition comes after a number of internal issues within the company. Advertisers, affiliates and others who use the service may need to perform a number of changes.
After the change, Adbit is still offering a very effective ad network through the use of blockchain. The online ad company’s service is open to companies who need a marketing solution or website owners who want to earn through advertisement.
Adbit’s correctional period
Adbit will be transferring the site to a different domain, Every client or customer of Adbit can also withdraw his Bitcoin after January 19th. Previous Bitcoin deposit addresses will no longer be valid. Clients and customers
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This means the link and banners will still work as normal.
The auto-redirection from one domain address to the other is not permanent. Affiliates and publishers must make the changes. Publishers will need to change their script within the website from to Affiliates will need to change their referral links to show instead of Advertisers and other users can simply update their bookmark to show
In the previous month, Adbit has gone through a number of issues. The company’s clients have been submitting a number of withdrawal problems in recent months. There was barely any response from Adbit’s customer support line as well. Even though the problem has gone on for a long time, BitRush Corp and Adbit’s directors, Hansjoerg Wagner and Karsten Arend were not doing anything to fix the situation.
Hansjoerg Wagner has a long list of job positions in a number of businesses. He became a part of BitRush Corp’s Board of Directors in June 2016. Before joining BitRush, Karsten Arend was the Chief Strategy Officer of Atomic Water, Inc. He became the Director of BitRush on April
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