Essay on Adderall Addiction

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Finals week remains a stressful time for college students. A student may have three to five tests in a matter of four days. However, these tests, unlike most, can be worth up to twenty percent of a semester grade. That is a great amount of pressure on a student. With about six hours of sleep a night, eighteen hours of study never seems like enough. Then again, there may be a solution that allows the student to focus on the study so eighteen hours is enough. Better yet, maybe sleep is unnecessary. This is a reality for the 6.4 percent of college students that use unprescribed Adderall. College students all over the country take Adderall everyday to improve performance in school. College can be a challenge with endless papers, tests, and…show more content…
When a person that at the normal level takes the pill, extreme focus is achieved. However, consequences that may include lack of creativity and health effects are added. Other symptoms of drug use include loss of appetite, trouble with sleep, and overall illness (McLaughlin). More serious side effects include high blood pressure (Jaffe). Adderall can also be harmful to the cardiovascular system, which can lead to heart disease (Green).The use of this drug can affect the body in serious ways for a person without a prescription. Despite the lethal side effects, Adderall is so widely abused that there is a shortage of the drug. According to a 2009 study, white students, Greek organization participation, students with low grade point averages and students who attend competitive schools are the most likely to abuse Adderall (Rabiner). In the same study at Duke University, about eighteen percent of students had taken Adderall at least ten times within six months (Rabiner). In general, these are students that procrastinate or have too much activity worked into their schedule. In a different study from the New Yorker, results showed that users of Adderall were ten times more likely to have smoked marijuana and twenty times more likely to use cocaine (Gillen). The students that take Adderall want to improve poor grades or allow more time to study. A student can obtain Adderall easy. An anonymous Quinnipiac student had said, “Saying Adderall is easy to get
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