Adderall: Mircle or Curse Drug

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What student would not like to write a huge paper within in an hour instead of four hours? Adderal is a cognitive enhancing stimulant; according to Danielle Bickelmann Susie Lomelino “[it] is a drug widely reported to increase alertness, concentration and overall cognitive performance, while decreasing fatigue – but it is also a drug widely abused across college campuses” (Highly Addictive Nature of Prescription 1). “Adderall is a synthetic drug that contains a combination of amphetamine salts. Approximately 72.7 percent of Adderall is made of lisdexamfetamine (Vyanse), and the rest is levoamphetamin” (Moore 90). Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (Adderall 1).…show more content…
This is not fair towards students who cannot purchase Adderall. Those students have to work hard and put in all the effort they have to succeed in school, while students who take Adderall are not working a lot less to achieve the same goal. Students who are taking the easy way out and abusing Adderall are cheating themselves and other students. Matt Lamkin, in the article A Ban on Brain-Boosting Drugs is not the Answer, said “Students [who] use such drugs to mitigate the consequences of procrastination, they may fail to develop mental discipline and time-management skills” (Lamkin). Students who abuse Adderall will start to believe that they do not have to put effort into their work or studies. They will also start to think that they are capable of finishing something in a shorter period of time, but in reality, without taking the drug, it will take them longer to finish the paper or study for the exam. According to Michelle Trudeau, “[Adderall] takes away your own coping skills and your own ability to evolve your own study skills and work ethic, so it's kind of an easy way out.” (Trudeau). Students will stop developing their own skills, if they rely on Adderall to do everything. Students who take Adderall are taking the easy way out; they are not struggling to stay up all night and concentrating on their work. It is also not fair to the students who put time and effort into their work.

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