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The reading for this week, Addicted. Pregnant. Poor. by Kelly Ray Knight (2015) is an ethnographic endeavor by Knight to document the lived experiences of poor women navigating their addiction to drugs (mostly crack) while pregnant (Knight, 2015). Knight conducts her research in cheap, privately owned hotels because, according to Knight, there is a lack of research in these types of hotels (Knight, 2015). Knight’s writing highlights several systemic issues surrounding poor, addicted mothers. Knight states that “Addicted, pregnant women are biopolitical projects on which social and legal interventions are attempted as pregnant, addicted women travel between environments of drugs and hustling and institutions of care and coercion” (Knight, 2015,…show more content…
The concern is not being placed on the woman, but rather on the result of her biological process: her “baby”, with its potential to be born “normal”, if only the circumstances of its mother are controlled to allow for the possibility of normalcy. Recently, an addicted woman in New York, who had engaged in sex work in the past was told by a family court judge “not to get pregnant again until she has gained custody of her son”. This case adds to the legitimacy to Knight’s writing and highlights the continued need for addressing addicted pregnant women (FOX News, 2017; Weed, 2017). This particular case is addressed in a very different manner by two news publications. FOX News, a conservative news source, focuses on the previous children of this woman, describing how her drug use during pregnancy lead to the children being born addicted to drugs (FOX News, 2017). CNN, a more “liberal” news sources chose to focus on how ordering someone not to have children is a violation of their human rights (Weed, 2017). Yet neither article addresses the lack of concrete help for the sake of the addicted
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