Addicted Series And Its Effects On Me

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Addicted Series altered a huge part of my life, and reading Long Way Down left a significant impact on me. It’s possible, I will never be the same. You 've been warned. This is not going to be a book review. I realized, after reviewing all of the books in Addicted series, I finally exhaust the points I’ve been doing for the past eight books. I would sound like an annoying broken record if I continue to sing the same old tune. So maybe, I will just humor myself and the people who would read this why, I terribly love Addicted Series. While I wholeheartedly love Addicted to You, and Ricochet, It was Addicted For Now that solidify my love for this series. I could strongly recall one of the passage that left a mark on me. “You’re human. You can still have problems. The difference is that you have the ability to fix them. You just have to want to. Not everyone can receive the same help you can or afford the rehab facility you went to.” My stomach curdles at the truth. “But that doesn’t mean your recovery can’t be difficult. It doesn’t mean that what people say on TV or in the tabloids doesn’t hurt as much. You still bleed like the rest of us. You can cry. You can be upset. That right has not been taken from you.” It didn’t pulled me through my catatonic state or cured my maladies, but I kept holding on to it. It became my hope. Similar things could be said to Hothouse Flower. Like, I would always say, it is the book of my soul. Maybe roping myself into this series wasn’t an
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