Addicted to Oil

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Addicted To Oil The United States uses nearly a quarter of the world’s oil. This would not be a problem if the U.S. had a large oil reserve but it only has 3% of the world’s reserves for 4% of the population (Pickens). This huge dependence on oil is costing us economically and also threatens our dreams. The United States needs to become more energy independent by using sources other than oil. Many alternative sources are available but renewable sources provide the brightest future. The United States’ increasing dependence on oil is a growing problem. Oil demand is increasing at an outstanding rate, not only in the U.S. but also around the world. Consider this, in 2008, “the world produced about 85 million barrels of oil a…show more content…
imported 63% of its oil from foreign countries. This equates to 24.7 billion dollars spent overseas in just one month (Pickens). These facts and figures show clearly that the United States needs to reduce its dependence on oil. To accomplish this, short term and long term fixes need to be implemented. Using more fuel efficient vehicles is a relativity short term fix which will reduce oil consumption. Two alternative sources of energy for our vehicles are natural gas and biofuels. Both natural gas and biofuels can be used right away in some of today’s cars or with minor modifications in the remainder. Another aspect of the solution is using mass transit options which have proven effective in other places in the world such as Europe. Natural gas and biofuels can also be used to provide energy in homes for things such as heating and cooling. Another type of alternative energy is renewable. Two important sources are wind and solar power. Wind and solar are relatively unlimited sources that aren’t affected by how much they’re used. With a little more advancement in technology these forms will become financially competitive or even cheaper than current energy sources. While an energy solution is going to be challenging to implement, the U.S. needs to acknowledge the fact that solutions needs to be found. Using a combination of the two renewable energy sources will provide the most effective method of creating new energy sunlight. Sun light is

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