Addicted to the Media

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Freshmen year 6th period geography class, I remember staring at the clock so when the dismissal bell rang I was able to run home so that I could catch my favorite program, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would Wake up every Saturday morning at 7 am so that I could control the remote and watch my programs all day long instead of going outside to play or do my homework. Everyday countless numbers of individuals are choosing to spend their free time indulging in media addiction that is taking control of their lives. From social networks like Facebook and Instagram to time consuming video games and television programs that are available in numerous ways, media addiction exists and is becoming more prevalent in our society today than it has ever been. Addiction is willingly engaging and repeating an activity in which you know is causing a negative effect on your life. It’s when you put your life or some other person’s life in danger for the mere fact of seeking pleasure from the activity. Addiction is also feeding that urge which is difficult to control. As humans we don’t like to admit that we are being controlled by an outside force. We tell a lie to ourselves that we have full control of our lives when that is not the case. Americans are spending a substantial amount of time on media to the point that it outnumbers the hours spent on doing productive tasks. Kids and adolescents are now spending the same amount of hours on media as one would be working a full time job.
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