Addiction : Addiction And The Properties Of Consumerism

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Addiction is referred to as a weakness, in which we have high dependence upon something that we buy over and over again; this implies slight obsession and an element of lack of control. An example of where consumers become obsessive is when they queue for hours on end just to get their hands on the latest iPhone, however this can be seen as irrational behavior and when consumers are in this mental state they are seen to be putty in the marketers hand as we will do anything they say just to get the latest products. According to (Orford 1985; Peele 1985) addiction also involves devotion, dependence, surrendering control, habit, obsessiveness, and preoccupation with the object to the detriment of well being. An addiction can be anything from gambling to shopping. There are a numerous similarities among the elements of addiction and the properties of consumerism notably they are people such as compulsive buyers and some collectors who could also be known as hoarders. It has been known of compulsive buyers to discuss their compulsion as if to say they are on drugs, for example they would say “ I got a high when purchasing this dress” or “it gave me a rush when I bought these new trainers to add to my collection” this was proposed by O’Guinn et al, (1989). These types of compulsive consumers are portrayed of having the same self-devotional behavior as drug addicts and they likewise share the deep ecstatic emotional involvement and form “consumption communities” (Boorstin 1968).…

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