Addiction Among Health Professionals : Addiction

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Addiction in Health Professionals The ease of availability is the leading reason that as a society, addiction is such a problem. Health professionals have a job that deal with stressful situation daily. Every day professionals in the healthcare industry, walk into their chosen professions, knowing they are going to face some situation of stress or heartache. How can they find relief from their own reality, and how many patients have to be put in jeopardy because of their necessity for relief or escape. Broken Trust When a healthcare professional has an addiction, sometime mistakes are made and the patient’s life is never the same. Sometimes, the issue can never be corrected, and the patient will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their life. This is true for the many patients that have been mistreated or misdiagnosed, because of a professional in healthcare that was high, hungover, or itching for the next fix. David Kwiatkowski was a “traveling” radiological technician; which meant, that agencies would send him to work at hospitals for a short-term contracted amounts of time. According to the International Business Times, David said he had started drug diverting in 2002 when he and a coworker stole narcotics while working. David was fully aware he was infected with Hepatitis C; and yet, David would take the syringes that were full of the drug Fentanyl and switch them with needles that he had previously used to inject himself. With this in mind, David

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