Addiction And Drug Abuse

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The history of stress, depression and mental illness resides in the person; no evidence shows it has past history unless family has a history of mental illness. Stress comes in many forms in life it can cause weight gain, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and an overworked heart along with arising unexpected health issues. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the societal cost of drug and alcohol addiction, in terms of lost productivity, crime, and health-care associated costs, is more than $600 billion per year. Perhaps an even greater cost, but one that is far more difficult to calculate, is the harm of addiction to those addicted and the “collateral damage” that often occurs to the loved ones of the addicted individual. Most people can think of someone in their lives—a friend, partner, parent, or child—who is affected by addiction. Addiction is far too common, and its effects can be devastating. Researchers are making considerable progress in understanding the illness, and with greater understanding should come better treatment and more reason for hope. Tennison, L. P. (2015). Addiction. Salem Press Encyclopedia Of Health. Some ways you can prevent your friends feeling as in your lack of interest has changed or maybe life has gotten in the way which it does everyone gets busy. If you’re aware of your family members or close friends have been going through or struggling with any sort of depression or life changing event it is important you stay in

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