Addiction And It 's Affects On The Family System Essay

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Addiction and it’s Affects on the Family System When a family has a member with addiction with addiction each family and member is uniquely affected by an individual using drugs or alcohol. Affects can cause unmet developmental needs, impaired attachment, economic hardship, legal problems, emotional distress, and sometimes violence being perpetrated against him or her Lander, L, et al. (2013) A family with unmet developmental needs may include children of parents with learning disabilities, poor self-esteem, behavioral problems at school as well as at home. With the parents it can lead to physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Many of these families may be in and out of mental health hospitals. This population is generally poor and unemployable in careers with sufficient income. There tends to be a high incidence of domestic abuse and violence. Family members may be in and out of jail or prison. Some may even receive a life sentence and never return home. Sometimes drug abusers steal money or property in order to get their fix of drugs. H, (2014) this leaves the family without a mother, father, sibling or relative. Impaired attachment issues can play a significant role in family systems with addiction. According to Evergreen Consultants in Human Behavior. “Attachment is the result of the bonding process that occurs between a child and caregiver during the first couple years of the child 's life. The first year of life is the year of needs. The infant 's primary needs
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