Addiction And Its Effects On Addiction

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The review of literature provides an extent amount of knowledge on addiction, effects of addiction, and medication used to treat addiction. Reviewing the literature explains the definition of addiction, whether it is a choice or compulsion, and specific medications used to treat dependence. Overall, using substances is a choice but addictive qualities are compulsions. Research has proven that medications are widely effective in treating substance abuse.
The literature’s purpose is to inform its reader of addiction, the risks and consequences of using substances, and ways to treat substance abuse.
Using scholarly based journals, common knowledge, and experience are all methods used in producing a scientific based paper on addiction.
Addiction is considered a brain disease that changes the way the brain works, thinks and reacts. Genetics is one way to determine means of addiction through linkage and association. Some effects of drug use can cause permanent damage to the brain and cause abnormalities. Although there is no cure for addiction doctors have came up with many different medications to treat symptoms.
General studies have proven the fact that substances have an adverse effect on the brain and how it functions. Studies are showing a number of links between drugs and brain disorders. Medication aiding in the treatment of addiction has proven to have frequent positive results.
Drug addiction is

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