Addiction And Its Effects On Children

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Introduction While still a new development, addiction is most certainly a disease. Addiction may cause underlying changes in brain circuits it is easy to compare this to Parkinson 's disease or Alzheimer 's. With these diseases, there may be a genetic component involved, but overall it occurs organically. Non pharmacological factors may be the cause of addiction, such as genetic makeup,gender, age or personality (Maisto,2015). Addiction unfortunately is also self-induced and can be avoided (unlike Parkinson 's or Alzheimer 's). Terms such as chocoholic discredit the scientific understanding and reasoning behind addictions (in particular alcoholism). It is not uncommon to hear people say “ I 'm addicted to ...”, just because they enjoy it. The lack of understanding and education along with glitz and glam that is shown on some TV shows encourage this. Keeping young adults educated and helping them understand addiction need not be taken lightly. Experience Jeff is a warm, charismatic man and husband who was the pastor of a small church in upstate New York and also helped run the local homeless shelter. He is loved by everyone he meets. One would never guess that Jeff would come to have an addiction to cocaine and is also a severe alcoholic. Jeff comes from a broken home and is said to have been abused as a child. At age 22 Jeff got into a drunk driving accident that left a child dead and sent him to prison for 5 years. During his sentence he regularly attended…
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