Addiction And Substance Abuse And Addiction

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According to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, addiction is defined as a chronic, complex disease which affects the functioning of the ones brain and body (“What is Addiction,” n.d.). There are more people struggling with abuse and addiction than people that have cancer, heart disease, or even cancer (“Addiction Prevalence,” n.d.). The abuse or addiction of alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs has affected the lives of over 40 million Americans, or more than one in seven people (“Addiction Prevalence,” n.d). Abusing drugs and alcohol can cause a snow-ball effect of serious consequences. Crime, violence, overdoses, suicide, and school problems are just a few of the consequences that can result from substance abuse (“What is the Difference Between Drug or Alcohol Abuse and Addiction,” n.d.). In the state of Pennsylvania alone, about twenty percent of the state budget is spent to account for the substance abuse and addiction (“Pennsylvania,” n.d.). Of that twenty percent, eighty-one cents of every dollar is being spent to pay for the consequences of our failure to prevent and treat risky substance abuse and addiction (“Pennsylvania,” n.d.). Three cents of every dollar is spent on the prevention of risky substance abuse and addiction (“Pennsylvania,” n.d.). TOPIC STATEMENT—difference between abuse and addiction, major drugs used in the teen pop.
First let’s take a look at the difference between substance abuse and substance addiction. A common misconception…
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