Addiction And Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

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Mothers addicted to heroin during a pregnancy are not only harmful to mother and child during gestation but have many social and medical problems after birth of the child. In the first paragraph I describe how women might come to find themselves in the situation of abusing drugs and finding out they are pregnant. I will provide information on some signs or a profile of addiction and substance abuse in women. The next point I will cover is through an interesting study that shows what the mothers pregnancy , the babies birth and postpartum outcomes are. I will explore what the options are for treatment during pregnancy and whether the mother can be separated from her dependency. Lastly I will disclose what the legal and social implications for chemical dependent women hold. Do moms go to jail? I will bring to light what the future holds for new born that have a mother who is addicted to heroin.
How did this happen
Most people have an image of a heroin user as a skinny dirty junky in an alley sticking a needle in their arm. Times have changed and that’s because the behaviors of use have changed now many smoke or snort heroin. According to the text, Drug Use and Abuse, historically mostly heroin was used by adults, but early use of heroin by US teens is the new trend, (Maisto, Galizio, Connors, 2015). This may be the start or gateway that may lead to injecting as the dependence escalates. Another introduction could be through experimenting with opioid drugs like…
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