Addiction And Substance Abuse Is A Serious Problem Among Teenagers

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Addiction and substance abuse is a serious problem among teenagers. Teenagers begin abusing drugs because of peer pressure, or abuse in their life. Any type of drugs can be abused including over the counter medications. Since teenager’s brain is still growing any type of substance abuse can cause serious harm. The most abused drug is alcohol. Alcohol has a different effect the brain of teenagers different than that of adults. Children raised in a religious family, with religious friends are less tempted to use drugs. They have the support system in place to help them chose the right path in life. New drugs are always being created. There will always be a new drug that people will try and become addicted. Currently in Georgia there is a new drug called Flakka. The drug is readily available, inexpensive, and can be ordered by mail from China or India. Many teens struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse and addiction includes the abuse of any type of drugs. This is includes both legal and illegal drugs. Even over the counter drugs such as Aleve or Advil can be abused by teenagers.

There are two reasons that a teenager may turn to drugs. The first is peer pressure. A teenager may be following the advice of his peers. Everyone is influenced by the people that are around them. If a teenager’s peers are encouraging him to try drugs, he is more inclined to experiment with the drug in order to fit in with the crowd.

The other

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