Addiction And The Treatment Of Addiction

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What if I was to tell you that everything you know about addiction is untrue? What if I was to say that our pre-conceived views on addiction were based on ignorance. It’s pretty simple really, it’s about CONNECTION NOT addiction.

Good morning Mrs. Arnold, Ms. Shields and class, today I will be talking to you about addiction and arguing how the treatment of this disease is actually quite simple. 1) we disconnected them from their substance abuse 2) we reconnected them with important people in their lives who they love a value, regardless of how damaged that relationship has become 3) 100% on time and energy should be spent on strong relationships and moving them to next stage in their lives.

Have you ever watched someone you love fall into a spiral of darkness, crowded with pain, self anguish and pure contradiction of both love and hatred for their weakness?.

A weakness which has both defined and collapsed every relationship, every situation that they have. Despite this fixation, this person is thoroughly aware that it is in fact an enslavement, they know the consequences, they are acquainted with direct results. And yet they continue to endeavor with this drug. Why?

Firstly, I would like to begin by telling you all, that everything you know or have been taught about addiction or the treatment of addiction, is untrue. Despite being students, we seem to have these pre-conceived ideas and ignorant views as to what this disease actually is. Deny it or not, I’ve heard…
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