Addiction Counsuling Case Study

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Addiction Counsuling
By arlington acames
Mar 21, 2015
Common types of addictions include addiction to drugs, especially narcotics, addiction to alcohol, addiction to sex, etc. In recent times due to the change in lifestyle there are many more addictions coming out in open like food addiction, Internet addiction, TV addiction etc. Addiction is commonly defined as being a slave to a certain object, an action or a personal habit. When it gets out of hand and needs professional need, addiction counseling is the very first step. This professional help initiates the journey of the treatment of the particular addiction and in a way prepares the individual for the imminent.

In all these addictions, it is due to the stimuli that is produced by the
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Expert psychiatrists involved in addiction counseling believe that any type of addiction can be treated by regular counseling sessions and recovery program. First part of addiction counseling includes overcoming the dependency of the addictive substance by staying away from it. As the body has been long dependent on the addictive substance, the body will enter into a withdrawal symptom at once. Clever handling of this phase of counseling helps easy maneuver of the rest of the counseling. Often detoxifying programs are run by rehabilitation centre though detoxification is supposed to be harmful. Hence professional need is important in this second phase of addiction counseling.

Detoxification involves a complete removal of the toxins present in the body of the addict. This may give rise to a level of discomfort in some patients. This is cross handled by using medicinal drugs to decrease the discomfort. Also replacement medicines are used which are then decreased little by little and the addicts are completely weaned off their addiction. This is done by decreasing the intake addictive substance first and in later stages decreasing the dosage of replacement
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