Addiction Cultural Report

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Addiction Cultural Report by Dane O’Leary (2014) explained some sociocultural beliefs can shape the approach to and behavior regarding substance use and abuse. Culture plays a vital role in developing the projections of individuals about potential problems they may face with use of drugs; for many social community, this may provide a defensive aspect. Foundation into unnecessary substance use may occur during periods of rapid social change, often among cultural groups who have had slight experience to a drug and have not developed defensive normative behavior (Leary, 2014; Buxto, 2015). Acculturation, the degree to which an individual identifies with his or her native culture, is thought to be related to substance use and abuse. Innate Pakistani…show more content…
The pressure of socializing can be a foremost reason why individuals turn to intoxicants as a means of curbing social concern.and being under the influence of substances abuse makes peer interaction much easier; people feel more self-assured, are faster to crack jokes and speak up, feel less self-conscious, and worry less about denunciation.additionally, relief from Stress; Another common reason people overindulge is for the sense of relief from the stresses of daily life. Leary (2014) explained the concept of sense of community as it is the primary sponsor by a large margin for use of narcotics such as cocaine and heroin are peer group characteristics, followed remotely by adverse familiar conditions and individual social circumstances (such as homelessness).The attraction of agitating is another reason to the abuse of drugs, by nature, creates the sense that one is protesting against the means and expectations of society and lifestyle. Appeal sometimes individuals find the lifestyle of the substance abuser to be appealing, perhaps even fashionable (Leary, 2014; Buxto,
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