Addiction : Drugs And Alcohol

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Addiction in Many Forms Addiction is very commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. Addiction is not only related to drugs or alcohol, but it is also tied with things and activities. Addiction to drugs or alcohol are quite similar yet slightly different to addictions to activities and other things. Addiction to drugs and alcohol over time leads to a buildup of tolerance causing the user to need more of what they are addicted to in order to experience the same or more of an effect than they once needed to attain the same effect. They take drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. Addicts start putting people close to you at risk and jeopardizing your social life just for a little more of what you are addicted to. Addiction to an activity can be just as bad for you as addiction to a drug. Addicts will put their addiction to whatever activity before the rest of their normal lives. Some may become codependent on these drugs and activities. Codependency is a psychological condition or a relationship where a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition When an addict is not doing such activities, they are thinking about it, letting their mind consume itself. In the book Beautiful Boy by David Sheff, Sheff 's son is addicted to meth. David being the concerned father he is, shows signs of being addicted to his son 's safety and well being. Sheff writes about his experiences where his son goes missing for days on end, and all
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