Addiction For Cell Phone Addiction

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Zoey Geis Ms. Kathy Shroyer English 12/7A 6 December 2017 Cell Phone Addiction: Hold the Phones—Wait You Are Already… It’s 2017, and most people carry their cell phones with them everywhere. Mobile phone obsession and addiction is an evident matter. According to one of today's leading technology companies, users of their mobile devices tend to unlock their cell phones 80 times each day. The Dscout research firm discovered that people with smartphones text, touch, or slide open their phones 2,600 times on a typical day. Most of these times are inconvenient: looking after children, at work, during meals, and when we could be resting (Stibel). Most are guilty of this without even realizing, especially teenagers. Teenagers are sometimes referred to as being part of the “iGen.” This simply categorizes the many young people that have been influenced greatly by the smartphones in their lives, especially Apple’s iPhones. A random survey of 5000 teenagers revealed that 75 percent of the age group owned an Apple iPhone (Twenge). On top of that, another company, Deloitte, has been collecting data of mobile phone users since 2013. Their most recent study survey, the one for 2017, measured the cell phone usage of 2000 people ranging from teenagers to the elderly. Their research showed that 89 percent of those involved in the study checked their mobile device in the span of an hour after waking up for the day and 81 percent checked it within an hour before going to bed. The numbers have increased greatly since their first study survey in 2013. The teens of this particular group unlocked their device an average of 86 times each day. To put that into perspective, that means that the 264 million US citizens that own mobile devices stare at their screens 12 billion times altogether on a daily basis (“Global Mobile Consumer...”). That’s a lot of eyes on screens! The survey also gathered that nearly four out of five people get on their smartphones while speaking with other people, dining at restaurants, and enjoying meals at home. Also, a staggering 59 percent of the group surveyed this year, 2017, admitted using their mobile phones while driving (Ibid.). Addiction to cell phones is destructive. Though providing useful

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