Addiction Is Not Necessary An Addiction

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A study was conducted by Caroline Davis in 2014, in which she suggests, that food addiction, is not necessary an addiction. Unlike other addictions like tobacco, gambling and drugs, food in required for the human body to survive, where the other types are a pleasure centre for the brain in affect, and is not necessary for human to survive.
An addiction is in which the brain responds to a stimulus, or multiple stimuli, that triggers a respond to the brain, and releases, dopamine to the person creating a reward system to the user, thus increasing the mood of the person. Therefore, allowing the brain to learn by teaching it to respond to increased levels of dopamine, by the stimulus (pp.131). For example, the more a person gambles and wins, the better they feel. Even so, there is a low point for people that gamble or takes drugs, but the need for that persons is to increase their chances of winning, or getting a fix, where they could combine a mix of food, alcohol, drugs and tobacco (pp.131). Which would make them feel good again, as once again, as dopamine is released into the system.
According to Davis (2014) that food should not be thought of as addictive, as food is essential for human survival and with a proper diet with all the vitamins and mineral that the body require humans can live a healthy life (pp. 129). But even so food can be addictive as the process foods have many compounds added to everyday foods that rewards the brain for eating it, therefore, a person will
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