Addiction Is Prevalent Within The Current Society. People

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Addiction is prevalent within the current society. People are becoming more susceptible towards addiction. If an addiction to something is heritable within a family, it is often than to the new generation. There are many factors that play a role in addictions. The BPS Plus model includes biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions to help understand addiction. In this essay, I will be focusing on the addiction to alcohol and how it effects the lives of alcoholics, using examples from the movie Bad Santa, course readings and the BPS Plus model. In the movie Bad Santa, the main character Willie is an alcoholic. He performs his job drunk and/or high most of the time. Willie and his friend Marcus pose as Santa and his…show more content…
Spiritual would be a religious influence. All five of these factors are important in order to understand an addiction. In Bad Santa Willie exhibits a clear addiction to alcohol. It could be said that a psychological effect of his drinking is a result of his father beating him when he was a child. A biological effect could be the fact that Willie is extremely unsatisfied with his life that the effect of alcohol (the state of relaxation) could be something he relies on to keep him stable. Culturally I believe Willie knows he does not fit in well so he falls to alcohol to make him adjust better. Alcohol consumption is woven into social, cultural and economic fabric of Canadian society (Herie and Skinner, 39). Alcohol is almost always offered during celebrations as it is customary to drink champagne or expensive alcohol when it comes to celebrating an event. In many traditions, it was seen as a gift from god (Maté, 149). It is seen as desirable because of its relaxing effects (Herie and Skinner, 39). Just like in Bad Santa, Willie would drink and become more relaxed while doing his job. He would also become unconscious after drinking. This is because alcohol effects the part of the brain that controls consciousness. Alcohol is a depressant drug and it has enormous effects on the body. There is no other drug that is as damaging to so many organ systems in the body as alcohol (Nutt, 99). Alcohol attacks the neurons in the brain, which are cells that communicate with

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