Addiction Meeting At Herrin Hospital

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Addiction Meetings Jaime Payne Adventist Health University There are many programs dealing with changing addictive behavior. Addiction is a huge problem in the world today and has grown throughout the years. Addiction can be attributed to substance abuse, drugs and alcohol, but can also be some sort of behavior addiction. There have been many programs that have been formed to help people with varying sorts of addictions. When I looked up programs in my area, for example, I was very surprised of the number of differing programs and varying dates and times that they were offered as well as the number of them. There were all different days with morning, afternoon, and evening times for them. I was very surprised that…show more content…
Sometimes people are court ordered to attend these programs. This way, these people can either choose to make a change or else complete the time that they were ordered to attend and then go back to what they were doing previously. I have honestly seen both ways. I have a brother who was court ordered to attend one of these programs. He completed the program but was unfortunately not willing to make changes at this time. So afterwards, we were back to the same shenanigans when he was done. Later however, when he was ready, he decided to make the changes necessary and was able to complete that with outpatient help. These programs really have good intentions, and it is great that there are so many options to make sure that everyone is comfortable. However, it is definitely up to the person themselves on whether they want to make the changes or are just going through motions with no intention to change. With substance addiction, there is obviously a detoxification period that needs to occur. This can be one of the hardest parts for the people wanting to quit abusing substances. This is when there are changes that occur to not only the mind but the body of the individuals. If they are able to get past this part, then it makes it easier to make the later changes that need to be made. This is where a lot of people get hung up. When trying to detox, they do not like how it feels. They get sick and it makes them change

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