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Addiction: More Than Just a Word “Prevention usually is translated as parents having conversations with their adolescent children, pointing out the dangers of alcohol.” (Kramer, LizSprague, Nancy, Alcohol Abuse & Youth: An Overview). Children do not understand the effectiveness of something powerful like alcohol. They do, however, understand that alcohol can cause a person to become intoxicated. From seeing it on TV, they think it is "fun". Also, children do not really pay attention to the awkward conversations they have with their parents. A lot of young people think they know more about alcohol and drugs than their parents do, which is more than likely not true. "The Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) credential is for…show more content…
There is alcohol addiction, drug addiction, food addiction, video game addiction, etc. However, this essay will only focus on the first three. There is no right answer to “What causes addiction?” Addiction is 50% hereditary. The other half is just bad situation handling. Once a person with a history of addiction in the family is born, they may have the addiction gene. A person with this gene is more at risk than others to become an addict. A person who smoke, or drink, for the first time will experience ‘high’ that will never be experienced again. People become addicted by trying to reach the first ‘high’ they’ve experienced, and it will not happen again. It is definitely possible for one person to have multiple addictions. Some people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, or food and videogames. If a person has more than one addiction, it may be harder to get them to become clean, being that they have two things to work on, rather than just one. A person does not know immediately if they have an addiction or not. It may take a while for a person to figure out what they have allowed themselves to do. Someone cannot have be addicted without first abusing the substance. Alcohol is considered the gateway drug. Many of those addicted to other drugs admit their first experience with substances was with alcohol. Alcohol addiction is not only found in adults, but also in teenagers. “In 2012,

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