Addiction Over Life

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Addiction Over Life Everyone's life is worth so much. Are you actually living if you are a drug addict? I feel like you are not living life if you are addicted to drugs. People who are addicted to drugs are like walking zombies. They have no clue what is going on in their surroundings or what they are doing. Addiction is no life to live or make your loved ones live through.
I know how addictions change people. I have lived a life full of addicts. My mother has been an addict since she was fifteen. Therefore, when she got pregnant with me, she was hooked on cocaine. It would be a miracle if my mother could find a way to rehab. I believe that nothing will motivate her to stop. My mother has had six kids. She has put us through hell. She has caused many of fights with her children. My older brother has run away at least 15 times. It has got to the point where he has been put in juvenile detention and prison. His prison sentence is because of the way my mother raised him. There are very few memories I have of my mother that are pleasant. My mother took and lost so much in life.
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Time is something people with addictions lose a lot of. They lose time of their lives and time to spend with their children. My mother has lost the time to make memories with her children. She has missed many birthdays and holidays. She does not go to her children's sports. She missed the short time it takes kids to grow up. I remember this last Christmas when she was drugged up and passed out all day. She did not even speak to her children.My granny and I bought my sibling Christmas. My mother does not know how many more Christmas’ she will have with her children. My mother has missed out on her life and her kids' lives. Most of all my mother missed out on being a
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