Addiction Rehabilitation

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Drug abuse is like a tornado, in that it leaves a trail of destruction. It is known for destroying neighborhoods, relationships, a person’s morality, and in many cases it has induced death. The main point here is that drug addiction has consumed many lives. Just as it is possible to renovate a neighborhood, a life can be rebuilt as well; provided you have access to the appropriate tools. But who is to say what is or is not appropriate treatment? The first thing that comes to mind is an addiction treatment program. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that “only 2.6 million of 24 million people suffering from substance abuse received treatment in a specialized rehab facility” (2013). For those who did receive treatment, how do you know if the treatment was effective? Is it measured by the length of abstinence from drug usage? Were they able to rebuild their lives? If so, how long did it take? The aim of my research project is to explore what life is like after addiction. Was the transition a smooth one, or were
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I am interested in knowing what other types of research has been done in this subject area and to what extent. I will be looking for similarities, as well as contradictions in the previous studies. While researching previous studies, I can acknowledge what areas of interest have not been covered, therefore providing a gateway for me to possibly bridge any gaps that have been left uncovered. Drug addiction and rehabilitation is very broad by nature; however, all research done on this topic can be sociologically beneficial in that collectively, the findings will indicate how to better assist recovering addicts in reintegration. The subsequent segment of this document will be a summarization of literature on the topic of drug abuse, and presented by the following subsections: Addiction, Treatment for Addiction, and Life After
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