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My aunt struggles with an addiction to prescription drugs after being prescribed pain medication for endometriosis for over 3 years. She found ways to continue to get these drugs 2 years after the doctors stop prescribing it too her. I don’t understand the disease and yet it is so common, so I am bringing you information that I have researched in the hopes that you all may understand it better as well.
Approximately 1 out of 8 people in the United States suffers from some kind of addiction, according to If stats are correct a few of us in this room has or will struggle with addiction in our lifetime.
I will be giving information on: the causes, treatment, and remission of Addiction. To feel good, to
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(Prop) This graph shows how relapse declines over the years.
Sobriety is complete abstinence from drugs for a long period of time. Sobriety also means addicts are emotionally stable and able to handle situations without drugs and alcohol abuse.
Some people claim to have Spontaneous sobriety, which is usually recovery by sheer will power without any treatment from professionals. Remission CAN be achieved this was says American Society of Addiction Medicine. If someone can achieve remission this way there is a good chance they will be able to sustain it, however; it is very difficult to do.

Addiction can have very harmful effects, but the truth is that there are people all around us struggling with this every day. After reviewing causes, treatment, and remission of this disease I hope that you now have more information on addiction and its’ effects.

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