Addiction Support Group : Narcotics Anonymous

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Addiction Support Group: Narcotics Anonymous Behavioral Healthcare professionals are likely to encounter individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs). These are highly prevalent and often co-occur with Mental Health Disorders. SUDs affect vital areas of life, such as physical, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Recovery from addiction is a long a road with highs and lows, however having a strong support system makes facing these challenges manageable. Addiction support groups gives the person a safe place to discuss these challenges while maintaining sobriety. They offer invaluable education, guidance, and the encouragement the patient needs to succeed in living a healthier lifestyle. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the most well-known…show more content…
Like most addicts, my stepfather didn’t go to NA voluntarily. He was diagnosed with cancer and his treatment was interacting adversely with the alcohol intake. He was also given an ultimatum. As a family, we were prepared to walk away from him and seek our own mental health and safety if he kept declining to receive treatment, but we agreed that for as long as he was willing to try, we would try with him. The first step the James A. Haley Veteran’s hospital took was to get his doctors, psychologist, and social worker to stabilize his critical condition. Once his medical condition was stabilized, he was released and he was assigned a case manager, who linked us to Narcotics Anonymous and Al Anonymous. As a family, we assisted to both. When I first walked into an NA meeting, my step-dad had already been a member for over a year. His meetings are currently being held at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Ruskin, Florida. Members are welcomed anytime and although their presence can remain anonymous, members usually take notice and introduce themselves. During my most recent visit, they noticed a new member. A shy, young man in his late 20’s, who had a prosthetic leg. Group members began introducing themselves and quickly shared stories. I noticed how this casual tone helped the new member relax. At first, he seemed anxious and had an air of dread and despair. This quickly went away when they all talked about their first time the

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