Addiction : The Disease Perception Of Addiction Essay

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The omnipresence of the disease perception of addiction disguises the fact that it did not appear from the buildup of scientific discoveries. The meaning to addiction-as-disease has been continuously reformed, commonly in the path of conceptual flexibility, such that it now bears an embarrassment of riches: an increasing variety of growing range of supposedly addictive experiences which do not assist the intake of drugs. Doing something excessively does not solely represent addiction. Addiction is preoccupying your life around it, as well as, setting it as the prime and most important activity over everyone and everything else. Addiction can make the person become very obsessive over the activity as their day-to-day life revolves around it. On the other hand, abstinence is the very opposite, it is the form of ‘not doing '. It allows someone to act willingly to their own beliefs. However, this still causes triumph as people who do not ‘do ' are still noticed, as well as those who ‘do ' within their social circles as they are breaking norms which are required in today 's society. This makes the person become visible. You get two types of ‘not doing '. They are quitting something that was a habit of the person such as becoming an ex-smoker or an ex-drinker, and ‘never doings’ which are acts a person has never engaged in, for example, sex, smoking etc. Both types define one’s identity but their social significance differs as quitting is easier to manage than ‘never doing’.
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