Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction Essay

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You likely experience varying emotions dealing with the addict. One moment you fear the addict may die of an overdose; a moment later, you are angry because the addict is wasting money on drugs, sleeping in late, or refusing to work. It’s frustrating and painful to watch helplessly as someone you care about falls prey to the negative and possibly catastrophic consequences of addiction.
While the addict deals with the consequences of addiction, your struggles are just as important and deserve attention. Here are ways to help you cope with the stress of dealing with the addict:

Expand Your Knowledge of Addiction. Topics Covered in the Next Several Chapters Include:
• Why and how addiction develops.
• Why addicts continue to use despite the mounting problems addiction causes.
• The medical, social or legal consequences of addiction.
• Healthy ways for you to motivate the addict to seek treatment.
• Healthy ways to take care of yourself.
• The reality of addiction: the addict is in control.
You need to be emotionally healthy to cope with the stress of dealing with the addict. Counseling with a therapist or spiritual counselor can be of immense value. Unfortunately, society views mental health problems as a sign of weakness. The very same stigma exists for drug addiction! Don’t allow yourself to think that way.
Counseling can help you cope with the stress of dealing with the addict.
Referral to a physician for medication can be helpful if you are struggling with
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