Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction

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The amount of damage that addiction brings into people’s lives can be staggering. Society’s perspective of addiction can either help or hinder the problem. Some addictions are seen negatively by society while others are not recognized as harmful. Some perspectives view the issue moralistically, creating shame regarding the problem. This approach is rarely helpful when dealing with the problem of addiction. Psychology, through a biopsychosocial model, attempts to offer a scientific perspective. This approach provides a positive perspective to deal with the issue of addiction. In addition to the biopsychosocial model, a Christian (rather than moralistic) perspective offers a solid framework with which to address the issue of addiction.
How society views addictions and treats individuals with addictions can have a strong influence, either positively or negatively, on our own perspective. What other people think informs and influences our own opinions. Within religious communities, alcohol addiction is often viewed from a moralistic perspective. A perspective, as described by Leshner (1997), that views addicts as, “weak or bad people, unwilling to lead moral lives” Addiction is a brain disease and it matters (as cited in Williamson, 2012, p. e6). A negative view of addiction could prevent those struggling with addictions from admitting there is a problem and seeking help. Williamson (2012) notes that an unwillingness to seek treatment may “be rooted in the widespread desire to
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