Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction

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A crisis that many communities in Georgia are experiencing is addiction. A large substance that is currently being abuse is methamphetamine. Methamphetamine can be smoked, snorted, injected, taken orally and dissolved in liquids. The most common use is smoking and injecting the drug because of the immediate reaction it has on the body. It is highly addictive and has repeated patterns of binges and crashes with the individual constantly trying to reproduce their euphoric high.
A recent news event that has really highlighted the problem of meth use in Georgia is $120,000 in methamphetamines seized during a drug bust in Columbus. In the drug bust the meth was over 2.6 pounds and four thousand dollars, along with a hand gun. This has been just one of the main drug busts in Georgia and it has almost become a norm. The implications of the drug bust is that there is now less meth on the street, but it also shows how much there is a need for meth, based on those who are addicted. The responders to this crisis were the law enforcement who were apart of taking down the drug operation before it got released on the streets. The victims/ survivors are those who abuse the drugs and everyone who is affected by addiction. The perpetrators in single case was a man named Clarence Martine, age 46, who was in possession of the large amount of meth.
Critical Incident Assessments and Effects A critical incident assessment that could be used in the area of meth addiction is…
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