Addiction Theory

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Psychology Theory

The theory that I chose to use for the psychology side of addiction is the social and environmental aspects on the person with the addiction. There is no real definition of the social and environmental conditions of addiction but it basically means how the person starts their addiction whether it is by where they usually spend heir time or if the people around them are doing these drugs also. But some of these reasons include feeling that they have to use these substances because of things that happen in their home environment or also if their friends are using it. The agreements of this states that “Once addicts decide to quit, they must leave the scene, break all ties with opiate users and create new interests, new social
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Brain chemistry is a detailed system that helps the brain to interact with the chemicals that moves important around the brain. Brain chemistry changes depending on what substance or how much of the substance is used. These changes can indicate signs of the beginning of an addiction over time if the drug use begins to get worst it can lead to dramatic changes in the brains over all chemistry. This example supports the theory of brain change ”‘when we elevated levels of ΔFosB in the NAc, the mice exhibited behaviors that are considered reliable indicators that exposing people to the same conditions would cause addiction: They showed more sensitivity to the drug (responded to doses one-third those required to produce a response in normal animals), self-administered more drug, and displayed greater drive (or craving) for cocaine (they worked two to three times as hard to get the drug) ().” The opposing side stated this as their disagreement “human psychology is simply the reflection of human neurophysiology. Thus, for instance, although the authors claim that their account of addiction is relatively 'skeptical,' and has less explanatory power than that of their opponents, they nevertheless seem to accept at least the possibility of a complete account, which will only come about as a result of 'further advances in biological and psychological science (Foxcroft, L. J.…show more content…
Social environmental and brain chemical would be two theories that I would be practicing in my future as counselor. Social environmental is something that many people often tend to over look when dealing with different people and how they respond to different types of things. Brain chemical would give me an insight into what I need to approach this person when it comes to figuring out a way to help he/she with the
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