Addiction To Heroin Research Paper

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Heroin is a drug with a multitude of effects on the person and the community around them. Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug, that is sweeping the nation as an epidemic. Many people have been effected by the addiction to heroin. The addiction dose not just effect the person that is addicted. Heroin dose a lot to the community, economy, and people directly in contact with the addict. Heroin is a source for a lot of widespread issues. Heroin has wide spread effects on the person who uses it. The effects are not only short term, but also long term. The drug effects the whole body of the user with a variety of different experiences. The high feeling is obtained by releasing a large amount of dopamine, this creates a rush. This rush is what makes the drug addictive. The effects on the brain also delays maturity of the user. Other short term bodily effects:” Nausea and vomiting, Grogginess, Confusion, Dry mouth, Itchy skin, Miotic or constricted pupils, Light sensitivity, Lower than normal body temperature, Slowed respiration, Slowed heart rate, and Cyanotic (bluish) hands, feet, lips, etc” (Patterson, 2016). The long-term body side effects are” Decreased dental health marked by damaged teeth and gum swelling, Excoriated skin from scratching, Severe constipation, Increased…show more content…
It is important for people to know what heroin dose to everyone it encounters. The health of the heroin user is greatly altered the longer they use. The do things that a sober person would be morally mortified by. They economy is wrapped up in a very expensive war with heroin. Many can argue that the money used to fight with heroin, could go to education or other needs that are not being considered. Communities are being reduces to a shadow of what they were before heroin spread. They are facing health and safety issues, that rise from heroin use. The communities see a raise in crimes and
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