Addiction: drugs vs. food

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Kayla Lynch
William Armstead
Sociology 1301
Addiction: Food vs. Drugs
Millions of people suffer from an addiction of some sort. A person can actually suffer from addictions to all sorts of things. It’s sad to say the first thing that comes to the minds of pretty much everyone when they hear the word addiction, is drugs. Controversy is at an uproar over whether or not food is addictive. As a matter of fact, food is the last thing on a person’s mind when addiction comes about. Though it’s hard to believe yes, there are tons of people who are addicted to food. Really, one could go on to say that food is even more addicting than drugs. Compare the number of overeaters in America to those who are addicted to drugs. Then you’ll
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Over time, this effect diminished and notably higher quantities of food were required to achieve the desired affect” (Fortuna). Let’s say for instance you’ve sworn off dessert or promised to start a diet, then turn around and start doing old habits again. Both types of addicts are likely to make numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit. Both addicts continue to use or eat even if they have lost everything that matters most to them. Food addiction may not bankrupt you or land you in jail in the same manner as drug abuse, but food addicts may experience serious health consequences and still continue to struggle with poor eating habits. It’s a shame to be able to say that some of the same factors that complicate people in the battle with drug addiction are at work when junk foods are eaten. This is clearly an important similarity between food and drug abuse.
The risks a person has for addiction is influenced by his/her biology, environment, and stage of development. The more risks an individual has, the higher the chance of becoming addicted. Ascribed statuses, such as gender and ethnicity, might influence drug addiction and food addiction in general. A person’s environment involves many influences, from family and friends to socioeconomic status and generally the quality of life.
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